US Office Address with Mail Forwarding Service details 


1st Class Address:

Registration:  Company Registration:  1 company and 2 officers of the company can be registered to receive mail.  Personal registration:  You and your spouse can be registered to receive mail.

Frequency:  Once a week your mail will be repackaged and forwarded to the address you supply us.

Carrier:  All mail is forward USPS first class air mail

Cost:  $300/year, includes 50 pieces
           Additional pieces @ $0.50/piece
           Actual Postage + 10% forwarding
           Address change:  $5
    We try to discourage ordering magazines through your US address as they are very heavy and generally cost more to forward them than you've saved by purchasing them in the US.  Of course, it's your money, we will forward them if we receive them.

Filters:  We filter junk mail to keep your costs down, only 1st class mail addressed specifically to you will be forwarded.

Restrictions:  Flat mail only, no packages, nothing that would need to be signed for.  If we receive a package we will charge you $20 per occurrence (except checks and other packages sent by the bank we set you up with).  All packages will be opened for inspection so that a Customs Declaration can be made when forwarding the package out of the USA.  Upgrade to a Shipping Address for an additional $200 year if you want to have packages signed for, accepted, and forwarded to you.  We reserve the right, as your office managers, to open any and all mail that comes in to the office (this is generally done only when it is a package or if we are making sure it isn't junk mail).



Bank/PayPal Address:

Registration:  Personal Account Holder Only

Usage:  US address may only be given to the Bank and to PayPal.  Mail from the Bank and from PayPal will be forwarded

Frequency:  Weekly -- as it comes in

Cost:  $200/year -- Postage is Included

Restrictions:  Nothing other than Bank mail or PayPal mail will be accepted or forwarded.


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