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VALIS International Commerce in America Moderated List

Who Should Subscribe:

Anyone doing business or wanting to do business on the Internet. The list will be in english but if you can write english in any form, I will do my best to understand. Do to the international nature of this list, no one is expected to have perfect english, if you don't please don't let it stop you from participating.


The purpose of this moderated e-mail list is to bring together people from all over the world that want to break into the International Market created by the WWW. Since, at this time, the American Market is the dominant buying public of the net I thought we needed a list where people from everywhere could share ideas and knowledge in this area. No matter where you live if you want to sell something to a global market then you should subscribe to this list. Topics I hope to cover include: Starting a Web Business, Marketing your business to Americans, Exporting to America, On-line Purchasing, Currency issues, Contacts around the World, Differences in Customer Expectation, Customer service to Foreign Customers, and anything else you want to know in between.


Depends on the posts. ;-)


David Gendron, President
VALIS Group Inc. (International)

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We currently have subscribers from over 30 countries, please keep the numbers growing.  The more people participating in the list, the better it will be.  Thank-you.



US Merchant Account, US Incorporation, US Bank Account

Your Own US Bank Account


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