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US Merchant Accounts, US Incorporation, US Bank Accounts

Your Own US Bank Account

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US Merchant Account, US Incorporation, US Bank Account

Your Own US Bank Account

International Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Broker


Merchant Accounts: US Merchant Accounts, Canadian Merchant Accounts, International Businesses, E-commerce, US Bank Accounts, Mortgage Broker, commercial real estate financing.


Your Own US Merchant Account, US Corporation, US Corporate Bank Account,
Real-time On-line Secure Credit Card Transactions

We will save YOU over $800

Save Time and Difficulties!

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International Commerce Complete Solution Package (ICCSP)
(this is the fastest and least expensive way)
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We have found the best partners and worked out special deals, so you can be assured of the best possible service and price.

Our ICCSP package includes:

  • a United States Business Office address (Your Business Address and mail forwarding service, not a P.O. Box) (first year rental and 50 pieces included, postage is extra ($100 postage deposit included))
  • one Inspection Meeting with the Merchant Account Bank's Inspector
  • Incorporation or LLC formation and instructions (Have your Delaware Corporation or LLC setup in 48 hours with a Legal registered agent)
  • an Employer Identification Number with the IRS for your new corporation
  • a Corporate Checking Account with Internet Access and a US VISA Debit Card
  • Introduction and Instructions to open your own US Merchant Account (application and setup fees waived)
  • Realtime online secure transaction processing with LinkPoint (setup fees waived)
  • All for just US$1,179 (Corporation or LLC) + $250 initial bank deposit
  • Add $100 for international courier of checks and VISA (takes 1-3 weeks off the time to setup)
  • Forms and instructions for getting your own US 800 number  The  Electronic Secretary  -- Extra Fees Apply ($140 setup + $40/month Paid to ESA directly)
  • No Hidden Fees (see belowMerchant Account Quote

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Your US Office (First Year included! $300/year) (Real Office) (right away)

Your Company Name
104  6th Street, Suite B
Lynden, Washington  98264

Incorporate (Delaware Corporation (or LLC) and Kit couriered overseas) (2 days)

  • Fast and reliable.  

    Our Customized Delaware Incorporation (or LLC) Includes:

    • Your choice of corporate name.
      • We reserve your corporate name FREE for 30 days
    • Custom Articles of Incorporation, including:
      • General purpose
      • 1,500 authorized shares of stock at no par value
      • Limitation of director's liability language
    • Incorporator to form the corporation
    • Filing of Certificate of Incorporation with the Secretary of State
    • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation stamped "filed" by the State of Delaware
    • Record documents with Kent County Recorder of Deeds
    • Payment of all state and county filing fees
    • Appointment of initial director(s)
    • Registered agent (legal requirement)
      • Includes forwarding of official mail from the Secretary of State or other government offices, and legal documents served upon us as agent. 
    • Deluxe Corporate Minute Book
      • Includes metal seal press, 15 imprinted stock certificates, sample minutes, by-laws and other forms, all in a vinyl minute book binder and slipcase with company name imprinted in gold. 

EIN (included with the corporation, takes 1.5 weeks)

  • We save you weeks of time by getting this for you when we setup your corporation or LLC.

US Corporate Checking account ($250 initial deposit) (1 week, up to 5 weeks for VISA and checks to reach you) Add $100 for international courier of VISA and Checks

  • VISA debit card
  • on-line account access and bill-pay
  • Earn up to 5% interest

US Merchant Account ($300 application fees included) (2 days - two weeks for approval)

Real-time On-line Secure Transaction Processing (Linkpoint -- $800 setup fees waived) (with merchant account)

  • Completely automate your transactions, all you have to do is ship your product.
  • If your product can be delivered on-line all you have to do is collect the money.

Electronic Secretary (setup = $100 + $39.95/month + 9.9 cents/minute US usage) (1 week)

  • 800 number that can be forwarded anywhere in the world or take messages and faxes that can be listened to and viewed on the Internet.  Plus approx. 100 more features.  Completes your US Presence!
  • Setup includes $25 usage credit

Total Setup Cost for complete US presence and merchant account (including Cybercash) is: 

$1,179 ICCSP (includes 1 year business address + $100 postage deposit) + Delaware corp and all the goodies +  EIN and International courier  + US Corporate Checking Account + (see above) (add $100 if ordering LLC)
0 Merchant Account Setup 
0 LinkPoint Setup  Fees waived for our customers
140 Electronic Secretary
$1,319 Total US Presence and Merchant Account Setup
=====   with Real-time On-line Credit Card Transactions
$1,419  Total if ordering LLC

And In as Little as 3.5 Weeks You Can:

  • Sell your products and accept credit cards on-line in US Funds

No Hidden Fees = No Surprises: Additional charges (billed by VI or the appropriate 3rd party):  For maintaining your corporation and registered agent, (in the second year) as follows: approx. US$175/year for state fees and registered agent -- plus US federal income taxes.  Your Business Address, and Mail Forwarding (includes 50 pieces per year, additional pieces billed at US$0.50/each, postage is extra) is US$300/year.  Please click to get a Merchant account .  Bank account fees are approx. US$10/month.

The entire process takes approximately 5 - 8 weeks (Depending on how quickly you fill out the online forms and mail/courier the offline forms).  Faster than you thought possible? We know what we're doing and we want you to know too.

Best of all you save months of research and dead ends. You have the luxury of knowing you're dealing with reputable companies that answer their phones and e-mail, and you know where they are in the real world too.

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US Merchant Account, US Incorporation, US Bank Account

Your Own US Bank Account


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