Client Testimonials

VALIS International clients are from all over the world (over 30 countries, every continent).
Schogini, Inc. http://www.schogini.com/ 
    It is unbelievable that I have already become a credit card merchant and have started accepting    cards directly from my web site.
   Let me acknowledge your service.
     -Fast, clear and to the point.
     -Delivered everything promised in time.
Thanks to VALIS International.


FiveStars.net Corporation  http://www.fivestars.net/
    Great! I did established my successful business with VALIS International's help.
    They provided me with my own US office address, US Bank account and Phone Number.
    The service is very, very good. They do forward me my mail every week. They also
    do e-mail me the scanned images of most important mail which I need to receive in time!

Thank-you VALIS International!
 Sincerely, Sergey V. Mayzus, the President of
 FiveStars Internet Solutions Corporation

   Tel: +1 (877) 740-1156 US Toll Free
   +1 (320) 204-0873 Voice Mail
   Fax: +1 (603) 907-6481
   Web: http://www.fivestars.net/
   E-mail: sergey@fivestars.net
   MSN: fivestars_net@hotmail.com




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