Info on the ESA phone and fax service.

  US/Canada Toll free number and US local number
  Can be forwarded anywhere in the world (after answering and asking for their name)
  ESA can follow you -- call your office then your cell phone (or any numbers you want, up to 5) or call all at once to speed up your answer time
  if you don't answer they go to voicemail to leave you a message
  you can even send the callers to voicemail after hearing their name
  Can take voice or fax messages and email them to you to view and listen
or you can view and listen to them through your myesa internet control panel
  you can have multiple extensions -- Press 1 for sales, 2 for tech support, etc. -- each can be directed to different numbers or the same number
  International Call Back to save you money on long distance
  call me buttons you can put on your website -- ESA will call you then connect to the person who entered their number on your website

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