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US Bank Accounts, US Merchant Accounts, Incorporation, US checking accounts, VISA, MasterCard debit card, credit card


United States Business Presence Package (USBPP)
You will receive a complete US Business Presence so you qualify for your
own US Merchant Account with Internet Processing

  US Telephone and FAX number
  Delaware Corporation or LLC with EIN
  US Business Office Services with Mail Forwarding
  US Corporate Checking Account with VISA


US Merchant Account and Internet Processing
Your own US Merchant Account
  Provided by CardService International
  Online Processing by Linkpoint

Personal Accounts for Foreigners
Your Own US Personal Account
   Personal US bank Account with ATM card

Earn US$ by Referring New Clients
Affiliate program for VALIS clients
  Free Personal US bank Account with ATM card
  Referral Fees paid directly to your personal US bank account



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