Your Own Corporate US Checking Account
with VISA for Foreigners

US Corporation, EIN, US Phone and Fax numbers, and a Corporate US Checking Account w/ VISA and full internet access, Free US banking address 6 months
        • All we need from you is a scan of your passport and
        • a scan of your credit card statement
        • the rest will be provided for you.

US$750 + US$250 for your initial opening deposit +
$100 + $40/month for the
US phone/fax service

Please note:
After 6 months free the US address is $100/year.  You can upgrade to a First Class US address for + $200 for the first year -- $300/year thereafter.

No Hidden Fees = No Surprises: Additional charges (billed by VI or the appropriate 3rd party):  For maintaining your corporation and registered agent, (in the second year) as follows: approx. US$175/year for state fees and registered agent -- plus US federal income taxes.
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