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You know you want to accept credit cards for your on-line business (otherwise you wouldn't be here) so let's cut to the chase:

Merchant Accounts for ADULT Websites -- Click Here!

You need a Merchant Account for Internet Business:
   click here for a Merchant Account Quote

You need the ability to process credit cards:
   click here to get details on having someone else process your credit cards in real-time on-line    securely.

You need the ability to accept checks by phone/fax/Internet:
   click here to accept checks (and EFT transfers) on-line in real-time with funds deposited
   directly into your bank account.

You want a shopping cart:
   click here to purchase shopping cart software
   click here to rent secure shopping cart
   click here to rent a
secure shopping cart with real-time on-line credit card transaction   processing

   Assuming you already have a website that should be everything you need.  If it isn't and we've missed something, ask us (info@valisinternational.com), if we don't supply it ourselves, we can probably recommend someone who does.


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