US Corporate Checking Account
for Merchant Account
For $10/month you get
  • Money market rates on your operating account
  • Unlimited checks and deposits, and VISA debit card
  • Multi-user access control features
  • Receipt of merchant proceeds
  • Downloads to popular business accounting packages
Additional Account Fees (per item)
  Outgoing Wire Fee: $15.00
  Stopped Payments: $10.00
  Depositing a Returned Check: $2.00

  Checks Returned for Insufficient Funds:

Replacement Supply Costs
  200 Deposit Slips: $21.50
  300 Business-style Checks: $23.00
  Shipping Charge for Supplies (depends on location): $5.40
Once your Account is established (with $250 opening deposit), you will receive 200 deposit slips, an endorsement stamp and 300 business-style checks free of charge. There is no charge for deposits, no per check fee and no charge for incoming wires.

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